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Let's Play: Final Fantasy VIII - Part Thirty One

 Part Thirty


 Day Thirteen: Unknown Quantity

 So, who are these mysterious strangers?

Oh hey, you're not dead.
 Hah, I lied. They're not strangers at all! Also, too brightly coloured to be mysterious.

 Much to my surprise, and delight I guess, Zog is genuinely happy to see them. Wonders never cease.

 Also, he greets Selphie first.

 This is probably for the sake of convenience, she's the only character guaranteed to have gone on that mission, but I can't help but take it as proof of my BroTP.

 Going into this game, I kind of assumed it would be Zell who was Zog's BFF, but by this point I'm convinced it is Selphie. Which makes me even more enraged that Selphie is stuck on some random island in Kingdom Hearts instead of hanging out with Squall and telling him to stop trying to change his name while also yelling at anyone who doesn't use the new one.

 I can just see it when Rinoa has returned...

 "Rinoa! I'm so glad to see you!"

 "I'm glad you're holding up okay." Rinoa looks around, "but where's Selphie?"

 "... I don't know."

 Rinoa hugs him, "we'll find her, don't worry."

 Woe betide Sora if he says he knew where she was the whole time. Rinoa would end him.

 Zog lets the missile base team know that Balamb Garden is safe (no news on Trabia, and none asked for) and Selphie is happy to hear this

Irvine would like to.
. Zog wants to know what happened to them, but Nina makes him curb his enthusiasm, as she is rapidly proving to be the mature and sensible one in this relationship (despite Nomura's efforts to the contrary). He's a bit sulky, but not for long as he asks Nina and Irvine to take them back to the Garden.

 Hmm, he's been pretty likeable so far. His character arc seems to be hitting its stride.

 Speaking of, once the others have left Zog is free to have a conversation with Nina, where she shares and expresses my surprise that he was so happy to see Selphie and Co.

 She also says it's the first time she's seen him so honest, and it was really sweet.

 This I disagree with, I think he's been pretty consistently honest throughout the game. He's just been consistently a dick.

 In response to this, the game gave me three options:

I'd say 'decisions, decisions', but you know my stance on this.
 Honestly, I don't think that the first option is really that bad. It's a fair enough thing to say, and shows a certain sense of responsibility that he's kind of lacked so far.

 Personally, I went for option two. I like Selphie and Zog as a BroTP and this helped reinforce that in game. Besides, this is obviously where the game is going anyway, so it makes no sense to fight it.

 Also, Jesus, option three. Why would I want him to remain a misanthrope? I've been complaining about it all game.

 It's nice to see Zog not be defensive for a change. You could read it that way, but to me he comes across as a bit more flustered than anything. Especially when Nina asks if he would have been worried about her if she'd gone with them. He comes across as more embarrassed than annoyed and, dear god, is that a relief.

 Okay, he does come across as a bit petulant, but in a mild embarrassed way. Not an overly defensive dickish way.

 It's kinda cute, I think I'm starting to see what all you fanboys and girls see in him now.

 I took this opportunity to go around town, stock up on some supplies and see if I can find a junk shop, since I finally managed to get my hands on the first weapons upgrade magazine.

 Luckily I did, so I upgraded all the weapons I had the supplies for. Which wasn't all of them, since I'd been refining a lot of my magic stones into usable magic.

 One other notable thing about my trip about town was that I learned some more things about the Shumi tribe. They live in a place called Shumi village, and there's at least one skilled artisan there. They also 'evolve'.

 Zog has no idea what this means.

But he's not Ned Stark's bastard.
 The boatman doesn't actually explain what this 'evolution' entails, but since the Shumi have been brought up again after NORG's demise, I'm going to assume we'll go to their village at some point. I'm looking forward to finding out if NORG is ugly by the standards of his people (and since he lived in a pod, I'm going to guess that he is).

 Although I'm always a bit weirded out by the existence of multiple intelligent species on a single planet in fiction. It's something I genuinely have trouble suspending my disbelief for.

 After witnessing a teenager break a salesman's window, I had Zog return to Garden.

 On the way he runs into Irvine, who appears to have something on his mind. He wants to get the technicians who are fixing Balamb Garden (again, how do they know how to do this?) to fix something else.

 Zog says it's fine as long as it doesn't take up too much of the technician's time.


 Zog, you're redeeming yourself.

 He also redeems himself by noticing that something is up with Irvine and when Irvine tells him that Selphie is feeling down and Zog should go talk to her, he agrees to do it without a fight. Yeah, he seems a little bit put upon, but not angry or annoyed in the slightest.

 I like Irvine's concern and the way that Zog does seem at least somewhat invested in Selphie's well being. I'm also super happy that Irvine is also pro my BroTP. Best friend/boyfriend friendships are always super cute.

 This section also has banter!

 Irvine says that he wasn't expecting all this heavy machinery and this is Zog's response:

 And of course Irvine is all 'hey, this isn't my department, bro'.

 Zog asks what is, and Irvine tells the biggest lie I think I've ever seen in a video game.

He's not Ned Stark's bastard either.
 The thing about guns I buy, for the record, it's just that second part I doubt.

 If that boy has ever had sex with a woman, I will bet good money that she was older than him and entirely in charge during the whole affair. He's cougar bait, basically.

 They get to where Selphie is hanging out, feeling sorry for herself. The stage in the quad was broken during the kerfuffle with NORG and the missiles, and Selphie took it really hard. Remember, she was really looking forward to the festival.

 Zog is very suportive and suggests that she can still do something.

 A show of sensitivity that shocks Selphie, although she is obviously teasing him.

 It's exactly at this point that I wonder if the electric torture has done something to Zog's brain, because this seems like a pretty sudden change for all that it's very welcome.

 Although maybe it's that my attempts to make him less of a dick have finally kicked in. Who can say?

 He starts internally monologuing about how he does care, it's just that there's often nothing that can be done. Which I suppose is a fair enough sentiment, it's just that he's still a dick because he did the all the damn time, even when shit could be done.

 Thankfully, Selphie intervenes before any real damage could be done to my mind.

She knows him so well.
 It's becoming glaringly obvious that Zog really doesn't understand what playful teasing is or why it happens. She wouldn't teas you if you weren't friends, bro.

 At this point, Cid calls Zog to his office. Meaning that Zog has to leave Irvine to break the good news to Selphie.

 Which is really Irvine attempting to woo Selphie.

 She's kind of oblivious, though, so I wish him luck with that endeavour.

He clearly needs it.
 So, what does Cid want?

 Find out next time in Part Thirty Two of the Final Fantasy VIII Let's Play Log!

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