Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writing and Streaming (along with some life stuff!)

 I've not had another editing crack at that longer story yet.

 I was kind of worn out on the whole editing thing after I finished the last edit, so I need to get back to that.

 Lately I've been working on an epic fantasy story. There's a lot of information about it on my tumblr, I'll be tagging it all with the same tag to make it easier to find at some point. I'm not sure what the tag will be, but I'll post when I've done it on this blog as well as my tumblr.

 It's about thirteen and a half thousand words at the moment, and I have a hefty cast of characters planned for it. A lot of them are quite minor, but you need bit part characters, otherwise you'll find yourself with a small cast who are all inexplicably related to each other (coughOnceUponATime/cough).

 I should probably post on here about it.

 I've got some worldbuilding notes that would make sense to go up here, and I'm planning on posting the full short story here about how one of the characters ended up in his current position.

 At the moment I'm slowly building it scene by scene on my tumblr account, but once it's done there I'll edit it and have the final polished version up here for you all to read.

 So my short story to do list consists of:
  1. Finish editing Two Thousand Lenses for submission to a literary agent
  2. Finish and edit The End of Holger's Military Career
  3. Come up with a snappier title for that
  4. Finish that Lois Lane/Batman story I posted up the first half of up on AO3 last year because I see people giving it kudos and I shouldn't leave it unfinished. Seriously, I got Kudos on it today, and three weeks ago, that means there's at least two people who want to read it.
 I've got a lot to pack into my schedule, especially since I'm starting an introduction to electrical work course the week after next.

 I'm pretty excited.

 The only downside is that I need to get there by half eight two days a week and that's intimidating to the vampire that I am.

 I've started getting up at 6:30 and going to bed at 22:00. I'm not used to it yet, so I'm really tired during the day.

 I'll get used to it soon enough, though.

 Finally, I've started streaming. I did some a while ago, some yesterday and some today, and I'm going to stream once a week from 19:00 GMT on a Thursday. Which is also a challenge, 'cause that's one of the days my course is on from 8:30.

 I'm trying to challenge myself more because the only way I'm going to get better and be able to support myself is by being able to handle hard work and more of it.

 Part of that is starting to post on here more often, so expect some world building posts on that Epic Fantasy Story.

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