Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Electrics is surprisingly tiring.

 On the plus side, I know how to do a ring main and a two way lighting circuit now.

 I can't do it without an actual electrician to sign it off, but it's still something, right?

 When I'm not on my course I'm mostly playing Stardew Valley or staring at yWriter trying to write the Epic Fantasy Story.

 It's at over twenty thousand words at the moment, which is encouraging, but still, I'm more than a little stressed out on it at the moment.

 Mostly because my villain hasn't shown up yet.

 Is that normal?

 To be honest, I've not read all that much epic fantasy.

 I've not had much desire to.

 Let's be honest, it hasn't had the best reputation over the decades.

 The best of the genre has strong themes and/or characters and/or settings, and the worst are generic and overuse violence, misogyny and hamfisted racism metaphors.

 I've asked my friend, and he says that I should really put villain stuff in earlier, which is fine, but writing this novel has been much more up in the air about what I'm actually doing than any of the others I've tried writing in the past.

 Herd, My Name is Medea and Silver Crosses (NaNoWriMo projects in reverse order) all had clear antagonists from the outset.

 In the Shadow of the Stonehearted King has swapped antagonists during these first twenty thousand words because the way my story is set up means that, while the original antagonist is still totes evil, I can't use him as the villain for this book.

 So I have a brand new antagonist, who I do really like, who has not even been mentioned during the first twenty thousand words and likely won't show up for the next five to ten thousand because I have other shit I need to set up in those words.

 I know this is what rewrites are for, but it still punches me in the metaphorical gut.


 And I'm also intensely worried about how to work the new villains in without undermining the idea that all the shit that's happening is because of the Stonehearted King and his impact on the world around him.

 But on the other hand I love the idea of my villains not being intimately involved with the Stonehearted King, like they don't even have the same goals as him.

 Working all this out is hard, man.

 Oh, well.

 I'm going to try and get a post up about one of the ethnic groups from EFS up by the end of this weekend.

 It's either going to be an overview of the Crúbdaoine (including a guide on how to pronounce that), or an overview of the Slangebarn (also explaining how to say that) including a 'folk story' about how they view their own origins.

 Probably the latter, but I may change my mind.

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