Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Vision so far seeing, it requires light to bend

 One thing that's always bothered me is that Israel is in Eurovision.

 Don't get me wrong Dana is my Empress, but Israel isn't... in Europe.

 It just isn't.

 But, you know, you have to learn to accept these things for the sake of cheesy music and avoiding another world war. (I'm not joking.)

 This year, however, it's got more right to be in the competition than our newest entry.


 It's going to be in the contest for one year (two max) because this year is the sixtieth anniversary and Australians really like Eurovision.

 (I can hear the sounds of frustrated Americans from here. Hehehehe.)

 Considering that Australia is famous for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and famed gay icon Kylie Minogue, I have high hopes for the most amazing camp performance I have ever seen in my life.

 Well, second most amazing camp performance.

 They'll have a hard time beating that, to be sure.

 This year I'm going to keep on top of the Eurovision News and share it with you, because I love Eurovision.

 They haven't decided whether the Australian public will be casting votes like European viewers do, but once they've got a decision, I'll let you know.

 I'm also going to let you guys know about the UK entry, the Irish entry, the Austrian entry and (of course) the Australian entry as and when they've been selected.

 (I'll do a post on why the Irish entry is on this list next week.)

 So consider this your warning, we're starting our Countdown to Vienna.

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