Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Drabble From a Guest

 (Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, the delays with my laptop are really getting to me. But today, we have a marvelous guest post from Doug at Fission Mailure.)

I took a prompt using a random prompt generator to generate two words from a list here. The words were Horror and Eternal, which sounds like the title of the survival horror game.

Kay Mee-mee A-tah

My hand freezes on the airing cupboard door. It had been a decade since I’d shut it, years since anyone had heard the voice, it must be dead by now. It’s safe. I’m safe, and this is just silly anxiety. 

I see the beak in my mind. The fur. The slow-blinking eyes. I shut the memories out and crack the door open, reaching in, groping blindly until I find a towel.

Click. I see the eyes open. Turn to face me. The beak snaps. “Kah toh-loo may- …”

It sounds like forgiveness. I slam the door. The voice follows me.

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