Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ash Wednesday

 here at Nine Over Five, we're all about the puns.

 Including puns that require reasonably large amounts of effort to pull off (See Jon Snow).

 So here's the newest one.

Volt Tackle Hug
 Not my best work, but I do like it.

 I don't usually draw straight into digital media like I did here, so I'm plesantly surprised at how it came out

 Also, I'm sorry about the Pikachu, I haven't drawn one in years, if ever.

 It's never been one of my favourite Pokemon, to be honest.

 Since I'm using Open Canvas, I really wanted to be able to upload the event file to their forum and put a link here, but I can't actually do that since the forum doesn't accept the oe6 event files at the moment and I used Open Canvas 6 to draw this instead of Open Canvas 5.5.

 If you don't know what an event file is, it's basically a recording of the drawing process. It records the actions, like drawing or erasing a line, rather than recording in real time.

 The next time I draw something entirely digitally, I'll be sure to do it in OC 5.5 so I can upload the event file so you can see the process.

 I'll also upload Ash and Pikachu here when they update the forum.

 I might colour it, I might not, I'm not sure.

 We'll have to see!

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