Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nine Over Five Presents... The Detective

 I had a lot of fun making this title card for my Noir Syndrome video, it's kind of made me want to learn how to use vectors properly, which I ma end up doing sometime in the near future.

 For the moment, though, I'm still using OpenCanvas, and that suits me fine.

 Like last time, this started off with a sketch. Well, two sketches to be accurate.

 One of the Anubis head from this screen:

 And one of the lady detective herself.

She knew you were trouble the moment you walked in.
 Like last time, they had problems that I fixed before I started lining them, a couple of proportion errors on Anubis and I needed to move and redraw the Detective's right arm.

I also used OC to deal with the symmetry problems.
Perspective on limbs is hard.
 I did the lining on them seperately before putting them together on a noise filtered background for the title card.

 I also have a nice cropped version for a good picture in its own right.

The Detective.

 Now I've finished her, she kind of looks like Sam Chapman.

 If you're interested in the video, the link is here.

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