Friday, 23 January 2015

Nine Over Five Presents... Syphilis (Again)

 I felt like doing some painting, so I gessoed up some watercolour paper and cut it in two so I could do two small paintings. (One of these days I'm going to need to get some MDF and an easel.)

 Since this was just to get back into the swing of things, I decided to do a picture of Syphilis again, because a horrible STD that destroys braincells and leads to madness is always fun.

 I used a limited pallet of acrylic paints, Terre Verte hue, Coeruleum, Naples Yellow, Permanent Rose and Titanium White (not pictured).

 The two 'hues' are mixes of other paints to imitate some kind of pigment. I'm not sure about Terre Verte, but I do know that Naples Yellow is poisonous, so I'm satisfied with just a hue.

 I'm pretty happy with what I created with this pallet, and I haven't painted in a long time. I think I did a good job.

Rich Man's Disease
 Since I have two pieces of gessoed paper, I decided to use the second on for a piece of FFVIII fanart featuring Seifer in one of the outfits I designed for him.

 I post WIPs on my instagram account, so be sure to check that out if you want to watch the painting unfold.

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