Thursday, 22 January 2015

Let's Rework... Final Fantasy VIII - Part Eight

 I got my scanner working!

 I know what I did, but I don't know why it worked, so don't go asking.

 Right, back to the reworking.

 So, Seifer!

 Um, his coat's fine, but aside from that his top half is ridiculous.

 Irvine has much the same problem. The waistcoat with nothing underneath it just doesn't... look right.

 Does Nomura have something for teenage boys' midriffs or something? Because that's really creepy. (More creepy than the constant lady leg showing and less creepy than the fact I'm sure you can see Selphie's knickers in this game.)

 Though the idea of a waistcoat works well for Seifer's design, compared to Squall's rebel without a clue get up, a more formal and professional look would work well.

 It both fits and clashes with his actions and personality in game.

 I came up with three designs for his outfit to go under his coat, two with waistcoats and one for a more casual look.

 I also dealt with his trousers. The trousers in this game really date it.

 Yeah, the colour of his waistcoat is off, but I can live with that. Just imagine it darker.

 Also, yeah, he does kind of look like Balthier's Germanic son here. This is also a thing I can live with.

 I like all three, but I think my preference is number one, because it provides a contrast to Squall's angsty band of casually dressed Scoobs.

 (Although, let's be honest, number two looks the best. I seem to have a knack for adapting Final Fantasy designs into long sleeve t-shirts.)

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