Saturday, 8 November 2014

Why Deal With a Princess When There's a Queen Right There?

 Here's a stone cold fact: Lois Lane is the first lady of comics.

 She's the most important female character in DC comics and possibly the most valuable one they will ever have.

 Yes, she's more important and more valuable than WonderWoman.

 The reason for this is one. she's older and two. she's interesting.

 WonderWoman is dull.

 She is the most intensely boring character that I have ever read, and frankly, she's an insult.

 Purportedly the premier female superhero and she's very overtly not a normal woman.

 She's special. She is not like other women, and yet still somehow manages to be a male fantasy.

 She's an Amazon and lives for the male gaze, she's an Amazon and allows herself to be bossed around by men.

 She's a warrior and has no prior experience with children, and is somehow great with them.

 Superman should be good with children.

 Batman should be amazing with children.

 WonderWoman should be absolutely shit with children and, frankly, find them mildly repulsive.

 She isn't constantly fighting back against the patriarchy, even though she's totally unused to it and would logically take most of the stuff regular women have to take in stride as a deathly insult.

 Hell, she let's people call her a diminutive title as a nickname instead of standing up for herself and pointing out the problem with the word princess.

 Lois Lane fights the patriarchy better than DC will ever let WonderWoman.

 WonderWoman calls women 'sister', but Lois Lane actually has a sister.

 Lois Lane had a normal childhood.

 Lois Lane was born.

 She wasn't made out of clay by a woman who hated men (for a damn good reason, according to comics canon) and yet looks exactly how a shallow man would want her to.

 Hyppolita should have made She-Hulk, but instead we ended up with She-Ra.

 Lois Lane had to work her way to her middling position in society and enjoys every minute of it.

 WonderWoman got lucky.

 In fact, WonderWoman is very lucky, isn't she?

 Whenever she comes across someone who says she dresses like a hooker, they never actually believe that. In real life, most of the people who say she dresses like a stripper actually believe that, and yet in comics, they seem to somehow be in the minority.

 She's convenient too, always with the correct opinion to make her look progressive, when there are opinions that would make far more sense for her to have that would make her more interesting.

 WonderWoman's opinions are there to make her likable, not to make her a real character.

 Lois is a real character. Even when she was always a damsel in distress she was more successful than Superman in her job. She's always been bright and vivacious and capable of holding her own against anyone.

 This is a woman who constantly puts herself in danger and can't just fly away. She throws herself out of windows and has to hope she'll get caught.

 She isn't afraid of pissing off the most powerful people on the planet, because she's got something that WonderWoman lacks: mental strength. WonderWoman doesn't have it because she doesn't need it.

 Lois Lane is better than WonderWoman in exactly the same way that Batman is better than Superman.

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