Monday, 10 November 2014

Park City Lives Up To It's Name, But Mostly By Accident (NaNoWriMo 2014 - Two)

 Ah, this year is not going particularly well in terms of the old word count, I'm not going to lie to you.

 I'm going to keep it up and try to get to at least 25,000 words, if not more. In order to help accomplish this goal, I'm going to dedicate Fridays and Sundays to writing Herd.

 Speaking of, I have a little extract for you.


Herd (Current NaNoWriMo Word Count:2380)

 Our journey ended when the coach entered a gated off street that had police guarding each end.

 There were a few in a fancier version of the same uniform standing in formation around the entrance to a particularly large and incredibly ornate building in the middle of the street.

 It was unlike most of the buildings I’d seen in the city so far, it bore no resemblance to Chinese architecture at all. In fact, it looked like a building from the Victorian period. The first one.

 It reminded me of home.

  A smiling man in some kind of traditional South East Asian dress and a heavy mayoral chain was standing on the steps leading into the building and smiling at us broadly.

 Like Doctor Bazan, it was hard to pin him down to just one ethnic group, at least, to any I was familiar with. He was rather a bit paler than her, with a broader nose and much curlier black hair, dotted with grey, that was pulled back into a plait.

 We were invited to leave the coach and we spilled out onto the street, the police were stationed near the fences at the ends of the street, trying to block off too much gawking from the people crowded on the other side. Although there were some photographers in the street taking photos at a respectful distance. They were smartly dressed, in suits and clothes much like the mayors.

 Peter and Calanthia tracked us down in the small crowd as we huddled together nervously, as the mayor cleared his throat and began his speech.

 “Gentlefolk of Vault Mingo, as Mayor of Park City is it my pleasure and honour to welcome you to our fair city on behalf of our founder Jason Park.”

 Oh. Well I felt daft.

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