Friday, 10 October 2014

Let's Talk About... The Final Fantasy VIII Let's Play So Far


 I genuinely started to think that Day Twenty Three of gameplay would never end.

 This is why I don't have a proper post for you today, because I didn't really have time to play the game and write up the post in time for today.

 But don't worry, I'm going to be back on track on Tuesday!

 So, until then, what do we all think of the adventures of Zog and his friends?

 I feel like there's a lot to like there, but that there's also a lot to be annoyed by.

 Especially the bizarre choices that many of the characters make.

 I'm specifically thinking of when Quistis decided to abandon her post in order to apologise to Nina instead of just waiting until they were finished. Was making sure that she didn't feel bad if she died during the mission really worth risking the fate of the world over?

 And in just the last part she's made yet another foolish decision in regards to Nina.

 Nina was completely justified in making her decision, and her sacrifice was noble. Zog did something that not a lot of teenage boy characters do and actually respected her decision. Then Quistis decides that it was the wrong thing for him to do; that him being with a girl was more important than her being respected or, again, the fate of the world.

 (I have an ugly feeling that Nina will be happy that her decision was disrespected when they show up to save her.)

 I really expected better from Quistis. I was fairly keen on her in the beginning (for all that she had awful taste in men) but she soon became more of a convenient tool for Zog's relationship with Nina than a character in her own right. The very second Zog met up with Nina for the second time, Quistis' interest in him died, thus making its existence totally pointless.

 Well, except to make him appear attractive.

 I'm going to have to be honest here, I actually don't understand why anyone would find this guy attractive. He's petulant, he's whiny, he's emotionally distant and that jacket. What was he thinking?

 Apart from Cid Kramer (the Demon Headmaster, but without the concerns for his student's safety) virtually every other guy in this game is more appealing to me.

 Even Deling! He has power! And that's better than a jacket that should have stayed in the nineties to rot.

 Well, at least I still have Selphie. She's been a bit awful occasionally, but she's mostly consistent and interesting.

 Irvine, though, can die in a fire for all I care.

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