Saturday, 11 October 2014

Let's Talk About... Final Fantasy XIII (AKA Lady Why Does Every Female Character Show Her Legs)

 Sometimes PC ports of video games require patches. Sometimes they require modders to come in with independently created fixes.

 This is something  have first hand experience with. I'm the proud owner of the Steam version of Deadly Premonition and my game just stopped working and is refusing to.

 So, what's this got to do with Final Fantasy XIII?

 Well, according to PC Gamer, the version that I recently reported was released on Steam has been the recipient of a lot of complaints.

 Having a quick look at the reviews on Steam, 865 reviews are positive and 602 are negative (as of reporting). That's not much of a difference for a triple A game that's a main title of a major company's flagship franchise.

 The reported problems involve a huge file size because of uncompressed cutscenes and a resolution that's been capped at 720p, which is ridiculous. This isn't the console market, PC gamers can and do get better resolutions than 1080p. There are also problems with stuttering.

 I brought up Deadly Premonition because, like Deadly Premonition, these problems have been fixed because of a mod created by a fan of the game and not a patch created by the company. This is a situation that is incredibly frustrating to me with Deadly Premonition, but to know that a game that has the pedigree of games like Final Fantasy VII, X and XII behind it is having these kinds of problems despite Square Enix being a veritable giant is actually rage inducing and I don't even own FFXIII!

 It's not even on my wishlist.

  If you're thinking of getting FFXIII on Steam, I'd suggest holding out until all of these problems have been fixed. Use your money on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter instead.

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