Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Nine Over Five Writes Herd: Research, Research, Research

 Herd was supposed to be easy, you know.

 This is why it has a white protagonist despite being a science fiction book by me. There's no in universe reason for her to be white, unlike with the Berlin Project (code name), it was just for the sake of convenience.

 I worked on a diverse cast to make up for this shortfall, but it still wasn't meant to be a research heavy novel.

 But then I got into the world building.

 Which was always going to take a little research, but now it's more research than I was originally planning on.

 Hopefully it'll be worth it in the end...

 I'm not going to lie, I'm not very good at researching things. It was a miracle I managed to write such good essays in university.

 It's not research on a single subject either. I'm going to have to research a few different things in order to have this world be fleshed out in the way that I want.

 Ah, the price of accurate multiculturalism in fiction. Worthwhile, but time consuming.

 One of the areas of research is the Seneca-Cayuga.

 The reason I need to research them is that the vault is named after the Mingo tribe who once lived in the state of Ohio in the rough area I wanted to set the story. The Mingo were/are members of the Iroquois Nations and due to the moving around of native people by the American government they ended up down in Oklahoma as part of the Seneca-Cayuga tribe.

 Right now, this is more or less all I know.

 As I want a good chunk of Vault Mingo (at least one fifth) to be members of the Seneca-Cayuga and the planned culture of the Vault to be built around them, I need to know what the hell I'm doing.

 This is already incredibly important, and becomes more so because Kyle is a member of the Seneca-Cayuga, as is his guardian. (Let's face it, if one of Jane, Wilson and Kyle weren't, I'd rightfully be a laughing stock.)

 Right now I'm on the hunt for resources.

 I'd prefer books, but I'm willing to take whatever I can find.

 Well... I say that, but some of the books I've found are quite expensive, so I may need to dedicate a day at the Birmingham Central Library to find the kind of information that I'm looking for.

 An easier task will be the research of South Korean culture, which is relevant for the city in the story and will probably turn out useful for the Berlin Project too.

 There's some geographical stuff to look up and a few other things that will remain undivulged.

 Including a Miss Marple book I've bought for research purposes.

 I have a lot to look up.

 Wish me luck.

 And if you happen to know of any good resources on the Seneca-Cayuga, please, please tell me about them.

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