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Let's Play: Final Fantasy VIII - Part Forty Nine

 Part Forty Eight


 Day Twenty: The Once and Future (Tonberry) King

 If there's one thing I really enjoy in video games, it's tracking down monsters to collect resources. Specifically to make or upgrade weapons.

 So I was having a lot of fun running around doing that.

 Mug was a lot of help, getting certain items by just killing monsters was proving to be very difficult. I was having the worst luck, items that should have been showing up one out of four battles weren't showing up at all. One of the other problems I was having was that I couldn't get certain items from certain monsters because the ones I was encountering were just too high a level.

The Forbidden were the absolute worst for this.

Yes, I mean you, douchebag.
 They look like long Vincent from VII, only long decomposed and having misplaced their guns.

 The thing about these guys is that you have a decent chance of getting a Betrayal Sword from them at low levels, and a better one at higher levels, but at higher levels still you've got no chance mate.

 I did manage to get what I needed by mugging a Blitz, but it was still really annoying to go through all that effort and basically have nothing to show for it.

 But yeah, get Mug. you get it from Him. So it's just an extra reason to love Him.

I could stare at His abs all day...
 He was extra helpful in the quest for the Tonberry King.

 You get the Tonberry GF by fighting the Tonberry King, and the way you get to fight him is basically by killing so many of his brethren that he cannot stand to see you slaughter any more of them, so he personally steps in to stop you.

 In case you don't already know, Tonberries look like this:

D'aww, what a cute ickle knife!
 I love these things, just look at how adorable they are!

 They're also creepy as hell, which is amazing.

 They walk slowly towards you, slowly and with an adorable giggle.

 They also occasionally counter your attacks with a move I think is based on the amount of damage that you do to them, so it makes using particularly powerful moves a high risk/reward type situation.

 Once they finally get to you, they'll alternate between falling over with an adorable little animation, or hitting you with a one hit KO move.

 They have HP in the order of tens of thousands, so taking them down isn't an easy task. What I recommed is killing them all with GFs, particularly our fine demonic friend up there. He did about 9,000 damage per hit when I was fighting them.

 One of the other tactics I tried to use was boosting my GF's attacks.

 Yes, this is a thing that you can do, although I don't remember ever being told how do do this in game.

 What you do in order to boost your GF's attack is press the Select button and tap X when the little finger icon isn't covered by an cross. If you do tap when the cross is there, the counter will go back down to the start. Since I was playing this on PC and using an XBox 360 controller, what I did was hold down Back and tap X. Which is convenient.

 When I say 'goes back to the start' what I mean is, that the counter that you work on increasing actually starts at 75, and you need to increase it to 100 before you can work on getting the bonus you're doing it for. So unless you're really good at this, it may not be that useful of a tactic. I eventually stopped using it because I couldn't reliably get the counter over 100 by enough to make the effort worth it. Especially on Stebe's attacks.

Once you've taken out fifteen to twenty five Tonberries, you will be assaulted by the Tonberry King.

 Also known as the most amazing thing ever.

(By the way, doing this won't grind you up.
Tonberries don't give experience points)
 Can you see?

 This guy is huge, but his Chef's Knife and lantern are the same size as the ones held by regular Tonberries.

 That's so cute!

 I don't care that he wants my blood, I just want to cuddle him!

 He showed up for me after the twenty second Tonberry went down.

 Just as a warning, this is a long battle, so here are a few tips to make things a little easier for you:

  • Don't bother with Reflect, he doesn't use magic so it's totally counter-productive.
  • Do bother with Protect and Regen. He does use some very high damage attacks, so it's going to be in your best interests to give yourself some defence against them.
  • Haste. It's handy.
  • Don't use Him. Tonberry King is immune to Gravity attacks. Just use your other GFs, preferably ones with a high compatibility because they're quicker to summon.
  • He's got Full-Life. Draw like there is no tomorrow.
  • Heal often.
  • You may want to use Theo. Triple and Double will be handy for healing sessions and setting up Protect, Regen and Haste.
  • Spam the GF boost if you're good at it.

 So there are my top tips.

 May they aid you in your fight.

 By the way, this attack from the Tonberry King is amazing.

 I have no idea where he got all this junk from, or why it's so big, but it's still funny to watch.

 My personal theory is that the Centra Ruins (AKA My Blue Heaven) is a shopping centre, which both helps explain this attack and is bolstered by it.

 Once you take this guy down, he shrinks to the size of a regular Tonberry and apologises to you.

 Which is so cute!

 Cute, but completely unnecessary. I was systematically killing his people, so there's no need for him to apologise to me. If anything, I owe him an apology.

 Sorry man. I'll stop needlessly slaughtering Tonberries now.

 The apologetic and regular sized Tonberry then joins the party as a GF.

 So of course I named him after the stabbiest person I could think of.

The gang.
 If you're wondering why there are gaps there, it's because the game actually expected me to get Micchy later on in the game.

 I'm not entirely sure why, I've been lurking around Centra for ages, it seems a bit odd that I wouldn't get all the GFs I could there.

 Although, to be fair, I haven't actually found anything in game that indicates the existence of the Tonberry King or of Odin. I've just been following instructions from Doug, who is the kind of person who researches the crap out of things the second they catch his interest.

 I'd have filled those gaps in already if it wasn't for the fact that I can't get to Esthar right now.

 But I'll get into that, and fix it, in the next part.

 So see you in Part Fifty, when we actually track down the plot!

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