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Let's Play: Final Fantasy VIII - Part Fifty

 Part Forty Nine


 Day Twenty One: SeeDs On The Water

 One of the things I did during Day Twenty was accidentally find the white SeeD ship. I decided to go on board after saving to make sure I didn't screw anything up.

 Nothing particularly different from the regular cutscene happened, except that if you don't have proof that Edea is okay, you end up being kicked off the ship.


 So when Day Twenty One's play session began I went back to Edea instead of heading to the ship. Honestly, this is what the game wants you to do but I do have to object to the way that you're expected to go straight back to Edea's house.

 This game seems obsessed with making you do things that would be far more efficiently done by cut scenes for a veneer of interactivity in a story which doesn't need it half as much as they want you to think.

 So after going back to the house that the plot just spat you out of, it's time for another chat with Edea to ask about where the white SeeD ship is.

I'm not sure why, it's as barren as Nomura's common sense.
 The thing about this section is that it brings into sharp relief how awful Cid is and how great Edea is.

 It's been years since she's seen the SeeDs on the white ship, but she still refers to them as her children.

 Cid tells us that she captained the ship herself for a time, but before long many orphans came abroad and she looked after them and taught them. This may not seem like much of a difference between her and Cid, but try to keep in mind that Edea did not have these kids taught to use magic and fight for profit. She taught them because they live in a cruel and dangerous world and need to look after themselves and each other. They also need to look after Ellone.

 Ellone who has this great power that could fall into the hands of evil people who would use it for personal gain. Protecting her is in these kid's own interest.

 You could make the argument that Cid wanted to cast his net as wide as he could in his SeeD training so that they had force of numbers on their side, but you'd be wrong.

 He has so many fully trained SeeDs at his disposal, and yet he places all the responsibility on the shoulders of a teenage boy who has been a SeeD for, what is at most, a couple of months.

 He's not responsible, it is not for the best interest of these kids to kill for profit and he even trains children who have parents instead of taking care of a bunch of orphans and teaching them to be safe in a dangerous world.

 The reason I keep bringing this up is entirely because I know that Cid survives the events of the game, but I'm not sure that Edea does.

 And it's just not fair if she doesn't.

 Anyway, rant aside, she gives Zog and Co. a letter that they can use to prove that she's okay now and that they have her permission to be on the white ship.

 Also just as an aside, I'm a bit surprised that she's not changed clothes. She's still wearing the outfit that she was when Ultimecia was possessing her. You'd think she'd like to reclaim her own identity.

 You also think it wouldn't kill Cid to bring jeans, a t-shirt and some underwear with him for his wife. Knowing him, he didn't because he likes her being in a needlessly low cut dress.

 Now, because this is me, when I went back to Balamb Garden, I didn't go straight to the bridge because I life to faff about. I went to the library (art imitates life) and I saw the most amazing sight.

"The pastoral care here totally sucks" - Ofsted
 That guy finally finished his report for Mr Aki!

 He's been doing it for what feels like forty parts!

 I wonder what mark he got... I wonder if we'll ever find out.

 While I was in the library, I tracked down that weird book people keep bringing up when you talk to them.

Where I'm from, 'burk' is considered an insult.
 Because Doug is a research monkey, I know that this is the first part of a series of clues to how to get your hands on Doom Train. You can see this in the paragraph where Burk (-titter-) says he was building a fence with steel pipes.

 Okay, 'building a fence out of steel pipes'? Who does that? I know that there are fences that are made out of steel pipes, but to my understanding, those are generally prefabricated and referred to as fences instead of as 'steel pipes'.

 Was he welding this fence by hand or something?

 Also, impact sound? Who says that?

 And who starts a report with the name of a witness like that? That's hardly going to draw in the punters!

 Why doesn't the report mention the glowing tracks?  They're far more interesting than 'a loud impact sound'.


 Sorry, I did Journalism for a year at university. It still hasn't worn off yet.

 With this done, I finally caved and carried on with the plot.

 The white SeeD ship was pretty much exactly where I left it and the initial cut scenes were identical to the last time I was there.

 Zog explains the situation and the white SeeDs tell him that they don't believe him and ask the gang to leave.

 Pursuing the leader leads to a cutscene with Zone and Watts. Two characters I barely cared about when they first showed up, and don't care about now.

 Apparently they ended up on this ship because the Galbadians drove them into the sea.

 Yeah, sure, seems reasonable. It also seems reasonable that this ship happened to be in exactly in the right place to stop these two from drowning.

 In case you don't remember, these two were part of the Timber resistance group the Timber Owls. Not to be confused with the Timber Foxes, who seemed far more competent and are led by a child abuser.

 Since they were, they ask after Nina and Zog shares that bad news that she collapsed. He also takes way too much responsibility for an event none of them could have predicted and says 'we couldn't protect her'.

 Buddy, I don't know what bullshit Cid fed you, but you are only human.

 Zone, however, does not take the same view that I do and threatens Zog.

 You swear what?

 You'll make another shitty train based plan that falls straight into your enemy's trap and gets you driven into the sea?

 He's a mercenary, Zone, you're a screw up. You are in no position to be making threats here.

 Zog tells them the plan to help Nina anyway, and heads into the cabin to give Edea's letter to the white SeeD leader.

 He accepts it, but there's one problem.

 Ellone isn't on board any more.

 Oh, yes. Our princess is in another castle.


 We'll find out which figurative castle next time, in Part Fifty One.

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