Sunday, 13 July 2014

Let's Talk About... Final Fantasy XV (AKA, Sir Not Appearing During This Fiscal Year)

 So, Final Fantasy VX's release has been delayed from later this year to some time in the next fiscal year. They say spring.

 I don't believe them.

 That's basically it for news, guys.

 This is the only concrete detail that's come out for this game in the last month.

 There's been some stuff about Square using the Yebis 2 development engine for the stuff they showed at last year's E3, but that's basically just cosmetic guff and isn't new. Nor does it speak to the actual quality of the game play, as there really isn't any.

 We've been shown virtually nothing of the actual game, but that hardly seems unusual in the current game development market.

 In my search, I also found some info about Project Flare, which sounds more like Lysander's genocidal plot to create a new world than a method of making videogames. But I digress.

 The point of Project Flare is to create large video game worlds, which sounds attractive, but really isn't.

 The example they used to compare the potential capabilities of Project Flare to was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They claimed that the map they used was seventeen times the size of Skyrim's.

 Now, riddle me this, does anyone actually want a map that large? It was already taking a proibitively long time to get from place to place in Skyrim, a map seventeen times the size of that would either be incredibly frustrating to get through, or ultimately pointless as the quick travel or teleportation that it'd need to make it less frustrating would mean you'd barely see most of the map.

 I'm bring this up because there has been some speculation that this technology could be used in Final Fantasy XV, which, if I may remind you, is set in a city state and the immediate surroundings of said city state. This isn't a grand adventure that calls for a map of any great size by any means.

 So, that's all the stuff that could be considered 'new' since my last post.

 There was, of course, a few things we knew about the game before it didn't show up at E3 last month.

 Well, I say knew, but we 'knew' that you'd be able to plant an acorn in Fable 2 and watch it grow into a tree and that never happened.

 There's a planned feature that involves teleporting in three dimensions, as well as a smart phone feature.

 As for the plot, well, I pretty much covered that in the last post, so there's not really much for me to talk about there.

 However, there is one thing I would like to mention.

 At the beginning of the post I said that the release of the game was being delayed until next fiscal year. The reason for this is that they aren't anticipating great game sales this year.

 Which I take to mean that Square Enix is finally realising what I've been saying for years; Tetsuya Nomura is harming their company. If we're lucky, after FFXV and KH3 come out, we may finally see the back of him. Or at least the beginning of the back of him.

 Which can only be a good thing.

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