Saturday, 12 July 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo Update - Part Two

-Gross sobbing noises-

I have had no impetus to write this past week.

The depression and feelings of self loathing have not been helpful. I really should jump around more in order to keep the enthusiasm going.

So, since I have nothing new to show you guys, I'm going to show you an extract from what I wrote before Camp started.

Oh, just before that, though. I know I promised on my tumblr that I would be following up my FFXV post with another a month later, and it's been a month now. So you can expect a bonus post about that tomorrow.

It will be such fun.

But anyway, have an extract!


Where’s Peter?

I tried saying that too, but my throat was so dry and disused that I couldn’t even give you a vaguely correct transliteration.

“What’s she saying?” someone asked. Someone with a strangely androgynous voice, I couldn’t decide whether I thought they were a man with a feminine voice or a woman with a manly voice. Either way, or neither, they sounded quite nice and soothing.

Which was probably why they elected to be the one to tell me things would be fine.

“My money would be on ‘where’s Peter?’.” This was definitely a man, or possibly a bear who had learned to talk.

I tried to sit up and someone put their hands on my shoulders to hold me down.

“That might not be such a good idea,” the androgynous one said kindly, “we’ve had the odd problem with nausea.”

Now that they mentioned it, I did feel a little ill.

I made a face.

“Have I just made you feel nauseous?”

I nodded carefully.


Mr Bear handed me a bottle like object.

It was cold.

“It’s got water in it, have a drink and you should feel a little better.”

I sipped it as instructed and the feeling of cold water in my mouth helped me wake up.

I moved suddenly with surprising force, sitting up and spitting out the water. I scrambled out of the cryo pod and tried to run.

“Wait! Stop!” AndrogynyPerson called as I staggered at top speed away from the pod, blinking against the painfully bright light as I opened my eyes for the first time.

There were people all over the place, people of all shapes, sizes and colours, but all with the same unifying trait.

They all had long hair and that marked them out as other.

I realised that the exit was actually further away on this side than in the other direction, and that meant more chances to be caught.


I decided to try my chances in the other direction, skidding to a stop and preparing to run back the other way and dodge AndrogynyPerson and Mr Bear.

No one beats me at British Bulldog.

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