Thursday, 3 July 2014

Guest Post: Ode to a Cuddled Foot

Hi, guys, this is Doug Murphy from Fission Mailure, filling in for Reecey with An Guest Post. In this case, a poem that I wrote for use at the celebrations of the Queen’s visit to Leicester in 2012.

It’s about socks. Sock.

Ode to a Cuddled Foot.

My shame:
I've been neglectful
and you faithful,
Wrapped around my foot,
Sensuously warm. A woollen oven
for my toes.

Believe me dearfleece,
Others were too small,
Rough, stretched or itchy
to satisfy my needs.
I yearned
for your elasticity.

We were young,
Fresh, gentle, soft,
Now we've aged
and play has worn holes
in your fabric.

My toes poke through,
Rubbed with calluses,
My heel scrapes leather
and comes away red
and filthy.
My sole is muddy.

I could leave you,
As others urge, for a younger
newer model.
But my dear,
My heart would ache
as my foot currently does.

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