Saturday, 5 July 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo Update - Part One

 It's not going super great.

 I've been ill, as you all know from the lack of proper posts for the last few days.

 However, I have got some done, and what I've got, I'm happy with.

 So have an extract of what I've written.


Peter was waiting outside, gathering stares from the Park City people. He did cut an imposing figure, tall, dark and handsome with his hair cropped close to his skull.

Compared to them, he was an almost defiantly masculine individual.

Some of them whispered about us once we joined him.

"She clear then?"

"She's clear. The picture of good health, as predicted."

"Told you, she's a tough girl."

Dr Jones laughed, "I never doubted that for a moment, Mr Howe."

He gave me an affectionate pat on the shoulder as he said it.

I couldn't help but smile.

"So, follow me and I'll take you to Miss Wilson and Master Stoppard."

He walked ahead and Peter and I shared a mildly amused look as we followed him.

The foyer started to have more and more members of the vault in it, we nodded in greeting to people as we passed.

Dr Jones stopped to talk to one of the people in white coats, this one had a blunt cut fringe and streaks of pink in her hair. She told him where to find Wilson and Kyle and he took us to a cubicle.

"Miss Wilson is in here, I'll go and fetch Master Stoppard for you."

True to his word, just after Dr Jones left, Wilson emerged from the cubicle.

She was wearing her standard tracksuit bottoms and pastel pink top with a big bow on her shoulder, but she still managed to look radiant.

I got a little anxious about my own appearance. My hair wasn't cropped close to my head like hers was, so it was probably a tangled mess.

I tried to subtly run my hand through it as she practically rugby tackled Peter into a hug.

"Peter! Jane!" She squealed, "you're okay!" She pulled away from Peter and turned to me, "girl, you look fine," she scolded as she dragged me into a hug. "We can do something about those shorts later."

I smiled and hugged her back.

"What happened to you two?" She asked as we separated, "some of these guys were saying there was a fight?"

“Jane punched one of the doctors in the face when she woke up,” Peter explained.

“How hard?” she asked.

“He looks like he’ll get a black eye.”

Wilson gave me a friendly punch in the arm, “‘atta girl.”

If you want to be an absolute darling and help me out, you could leave a comment telling me what you think of the characters and setting in the extract.

Also, regular posts will recommence on Tuesday as planned. I'm finishing up one tonight so it's ready to go.
So make sure to check back for that.

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