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Let's Play: Final Fantasy VIII - Part Thirty Three

 Part Thirty Two


 Day Fourteen: The Devil Is In The Details

 So, it's basically faffing about time now.

 I could take Zog straight up to the Headmaster's office, but I really don't want to.

 First of all, I ran into this guy.

Hah! He's better at using ellipses than you, Zog!
 Then I went to the library because I have my OTP and I will go back there as many times as it takes for the haughty SeeD boy and cute Library Committee girl to show up together and be adorable.

 I was out of luck, neither of them was there.

 There was, however, a SeeD cadet who was hanging around because he has a crush on one of the members of the Library Committee. I only know this because he denied it.

 Also, while I was there, I ran into the weirdest thing.

 Okay, see that corner? Note how there is nothing there.

 Now, if I head into it...

 Where did he come from?

 I swear, this game is just full of invisible things.

 After having a quick chat with the invisible man here and a guy who was having problems with Mr Aki, I gave in and went up to the Headmaster's office.

 Zog was greeted by Quistis and Xu, and was congratulated on the promotion that he never wanted. Which he didn't like, surprise surprise.

 However, they do offer concrete support. Xu will take care of getting supplies into the Garden and Quistis will take care of the students with Dr Kadowaki.

 Which is nice and all, but this does make me wonder what this leaves for Cid, because he said that he was going to look after Garden like normal, just leave all the war decisions to a seventeen year old boy. So what's he doing? Buildings maintenance?

 Where is he, anyway? Because he's nowhere to be seen in this scene.

 While Cid is off drinking sherry with Baroness Bomburst and talking about their mutual hatred of children, Quistis asks Zog to give Selphie some time off. She says she could use the rest after the excitement of the missile base mission.

 Honestly, I'm not sure I buy this, as Quistis was there too and seems totally fine. Maybe Irvine did manage to get in Selphie's pants after all and she needs a rest after the enthusiastic boning he gave her.

 Who can really say?

 Zog also receives the news that the Garden is ready to go at any time, and will be piloted by Zog's fellow graduate, Nida.

 Xu suggests that the first port of call should be Balamb, as it may be in trouble.

Again, why isn't she in charge?
 Nida announces to the occupants of the Garden that they're ready to go and should prepare for launch. He also hands the microphone over to Zog so he can make a speech. Zog, being Zog, basically demands to have the microphone turned off while on the air.

 We see Nina hearing this and she ends up doubled over with laughter.

 Well, they do say that girls like guys who make them laugh, after all.

 Every time you talk to Nida in order to make the Garden move, you have the opportunity to choose your party. Now, the thing is...

 It was at this point I realised that they had stripped my other two party members of their GFs.

 Which is frustrating at hell.

 So if you have a couple of favourite set ups, note them down. Don't make the same mistake I did and have to create brand new set ups because I forgot the old ones.

 After sorting that out, I headed to Balamb only to discover that I couldn't land at the dock, and that there as another flying building there.

 Which, colour me surprised! The game only made it clear that buildings like this existed recently, and apparently there's two of them?

 I also couldn't get in via land because a Galbadian soldier was blocking the way.

 I only asked once, mind you, then I left.

 On the way back to Garden, the gang ran into a T-Rexaur. These things are like buses, you wait for ages and then they all show up like they hadn't kept you waiting in the rain for an hour.

 Once back in Garden, I decided to go check out Selphie's blog.

I can't decide whether I'd want her web designer for my blog,
or whether I'd run like the clappers. I'm really torn.
 As you can see, she has an entire section of her blog dedicated to Laguna. Basically, she's running 'FuckYeahSirLaguna' now as she asks for submissions of Timber Maniacs articles he's written. The one she currently has mentioned Balamb's fine fish, its hotel and the fact that Laguna is apparently really bad at budgeting.

 She's also talked Irvine and Zell into write short pieces introducing themselves. Zell's is typical of someone who's been asked to do something and only did it because it was a friend who asked, whereas Irvine's... Well, let me show you Irvine's.

 That boy is going to get himself into real trouble one of these days.

 By the way, I talked to him in the classroom and he was trying to decide which girl to flirt with. So I'm guessing that he's not railed Selphie into a bed, because he can't be that stupid. At least, I hope not.

 After checking out Selphie's blog, I decided it was time to do something that I hadn't gotten around to yet.

 I was going to take on the devil.

Teh Devil.
 This was a really easy fight. I just used Charles' ability to cast reflect on everybody and Diablos did half the work for me by continually casting Demi. Even when I thought he'd learned his lesson and used Graviga instead, it turned out he hadn't, because a few turns after that he just used Demi again.

 So with his incredible stupidity (apparently brought on by sleep drunkenness, he does complain about 'too much sleep' when you beat him) and my just throwing limit breaks and GFs at him, he went down pretty quickly.

 Honestly, I think part of the reason he was such an easy win is because I left this so late. If the achievements are anything to go by, I should have defeated him between getting Bros. and Charles. Oh well, this is fine, even if he does have ridiculously low HP. He'll catch up soon enough.

 By the way, I called him Him.

 It seemed suitable enough.

 I decided to try and find Trabia Garden next, and we'll explore that in Part Thirty Four.

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