Saturday, 28 June 2014

Let's Rework: Final Fantasy VIII - Part Three

 So, what are we doing today?

 Today we're going to...

 Redesign Characters

 Let's face it, they kind of need it.

 Especially Squall. You all know my hatred of his usual outfit.

 It looks awful, and really started the long running joke that fifty percent of Nomura's brain is composed of belts.

 it also doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense. Squall's based on a lion, right?

 So why does he have a fur collar that looks like a ruff? Wolves have ruffs, not lions. Lions famously have manes.

 The fur does not help with the lion motif, it just detracts from it.

 So, that's the first thing for our list: the fur has to go.

 We also need to fix his trousers, because the weird baggy trousers he has in VIII are so bad that they redesigned him with more normal looking trousers.

 A similar thing needs to be done with his trousers.

 As for the things that won't change... Well I did decide that certain aspects of the original character design had to remain the same. In Squall's case it's his necklace, black trousers and belts.

 As for his face and hair, I'm pro shorter hair on Squall, it makes him look girlier, and I like that on him.

 So, with these as the rules, I sketched a couple of ideas down using Fashionary templates.

 As you can see, I came up with three different shirts, three different kinds of trousers and three different kinds of shoes.

 I'm quite happy with all of these ideas, and I think mixing and matching the top halves and bottom halves would go well.

 I've decided that, regardless of the design I eventually choose for his trousers, they'll be black denim rather than leather. It's classier this way.

 I also designed three jackets.

 My favourite is number one, which is supposed to be a SeeD cadet uniform jacket that he's customised. Partially this is because it's only part leather, but mostly because it actually has him wearing at least part of the uniform. I've been quite frustrated at how Balamb Garden has a uniform, but how there is no requirement to actually wear the dame thing.

 It would also give more emotional significance to the jacket, which wouldn't go amiss.

 There is one problem, though.

 I like the shirts far more than I do the jackets, so I'm more than a little tempted to drop the jacket altogether.

 If you guys have any ideas or opinions on this, be sure to let me know in the comments.

 So, from a difficult design to one that was much simpler, as I knew exactly what I wanted to do with Selphie.

 To be honest, I like her dress. But it's so short and impractical for what she's actually doing that I felt I needed to give her something of a redesign.

 Our brief here is a much simpler one: Do something to prevent her knickers from being exposed should she fall over.

I also decided that a darker shade of brown would go well with her colour scheme, so the additions I made were in that colour.

 I'm perfectly happy with all of these. If Square came up to me and said they would pick one of these at random and put it in a remake, I would be a proud creator regardless of which one got chosen.

 As for my favourite design, I think I'm a little torn between four and six, but I'm very interested in what you guys think. Which one's your favourite?

 As you can see there are a few more design decisions to make, but once those decisions are made I'll be doing a picture of these two in their redesigned forms.

 (Also, I'm sorry if this is kind of incoherent. I'm very tired and kind of lightheaded right now).

 In the next part of Let's Rework FF8, I'll be redesigning Rinoa and Seifer. So keep an eye out for next time!

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