Friday, 4 January 2013

Art contest entry

 Because she's awesome, Leilani Joy is holding (/held depending on when you read this) a collaboration contest.

 Here's her blog entry on the subject.

 I designed the characters for all three descriptions using each of the provided poses, but I only managed to do one properly before running out. I was originally going to use Sashi, but at the last moment I decided her outfit was a little too dull and used Soleil instead.

 I do like all three designs, though, and I'm going to keep them around for inspiration for future pieces. Especially Stella, I really like what I did there.

 Without further ado, here are the pics.



 I also bought some new art supplies in the last few days and got some inspiration pics for Miss Muffet. However, I'm shattered, so I'll tell you guys more tomorrow.

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