Saturday, 5 January 2013

Art supply shopping

 I picked up some new art supplies these last few days, including some new copic markers that I need for a fan art project that I have in the works.

 Considering what I'm a fan of, it's probably not hard to figure out what this project is just by looking at the colours.

It begins with an L an o and a Z

 I also added to my collection of drawing inks with a new Indian ink (bought mostly for the bottle) and a Scarlet. I also bought two new acrylic paints, Payne's grey and Naples yellow.

 I bought a new canvas board to paint on, as well as a new watercolour block.

 To go with my paints I got gloss medium and some slow-dri blending medium, because I hope for a look more like oils in my pieces.

 Right now I'm working on a surrealist piece, but tomorrow I shall turn my attentions towards Epic Fail and Miss Muffet.

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