Sunday, 2 December 2012

I found my camera!

 It was hiding on the chair that's right next to where I paint.

 Clearly, I was just being a fool.

 Now, yet more progress has been achieved on Jon Snow, and I have started using acrylic paint on the picture. I'm very happy with the results so far and will probably use them on pieces like this in the future.

 The technique I've been using is to water them down and using them much like watercolours, but because they dry water proof, I haven't been having the problem of washing away what I've already done when I try to add another layer of colour.

 Here's a photo of shortly after I started adding in the acrylic:

 Now, as you can well see, that four in the background is a complete mess, so I decided to clean it up.

 Using painstakingly applied masking tape and a mix of heavy body black acrylic, water, flow aid and matte medium, I painted in the four.

 The paint bled past the boundaries of the tape, but I actually really like how it came out.

 Here's a picture of the four closer up and next to the template I made for it:

 I've also taken a close up picture of the fur, because I really like how t looks so far and I want to show it off.

 So, the next things on my to-do list are to work more on his suit and hair. After that, I'll put more work into the background, especially the sections not covered by leaves; they're looking a bit dull at the moment and could use more work to look like leaf litter.

 I should have more to show you tomorrow.

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