Monday, 3 December 2012

A new technique!

 More work on Jon Snow today, and I decided to try a technique I read about in The Encyclopaedia of Acrylic Techniques by Hazel Harrison. That being using acrylics in conjunction with pastels.

 I did this by doing a layer of pastel work and then using a stiff bristled flat top brush to stipple a layer of matte medium on top of it.

 Honestly, I really like how this came out.

Argh, my photos never come out quite right.

 Anyway, I also did some work on hi face with pastels and coloured pencils as well as painting his eyes some more. Here's a close up.

 I wasn't planning to do more work on this tomorrow, but looking at these photos, I think I need to take a look at this in the cold light of day.

 I am hoping to get that promised extract of Silver Crosses up tomorrow too.

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