Friday, 2 November 2012

I hate A Gifted Man

 But I always watch it anyway! The mystery of these neurological problems always drags me in!

 Although, seriously, the writers totally don't understand that doctors are supposed to worry about potentially putting their patients in harm's way and covering their own asses.

 We have one doctor who operated on a man he thought killed his wife, if that man had died during that operation, the 'gifted man' would have been up on a goddamn murder charge!

 Another one only got tested for Huntingdon's after he saw a patient with a severe alcohol problem screw up his life. Doctor A only pointed out that patients were at risk because of this at the very end of the episode as an afterthought.

 I'm doubly upset because Doctor B was the only character I liked, and he's going to be in it even less than he was before because he needs a break after learning that he's actually fine.

 There's also the fact that in the same episode as the Doctor B debacle, another doctor who was supporting a girl from her local community decided to abandon her just as she was going into rehab after self medicating with heroin. I don't care that the girl was doing this because of some misplaced feelings of responsibility to Doctor C, you don't remove a vital part of someone's support system when they go into rehab. You make your feelings to the girl clear and make sure that you have a better understanding of each other in future.

 Also, Doctor C, when Doctor A asks you 'why don't you have children of your own?' you smack him. Or at the very least point out that he's being a sexist douche bag.

 For god's sake, Doctor C, there's nothing wrong with helping people! There's even nothing wrong with taking on a more parental role for someone who's not your child, you've just got to be a responsible parent. Your failing wasn't that you were 'mothering her' your problem was that you didn't have proper open communications with her.

 Seriously, the characterisations in this programme are so weird. Ever since working on my own writing, I've been having massive problems with the characterisations on TV.

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