Monday, 29 October 2012

Third day to go, and lack of progress

 How are my key areas going? Not great.

 A. Still haven't finished the first chapter yet, but on the plus side, Carl has finally shown up. So that's something. It's currently up to 6,326 and I haven't worked on it yet today, so it should be finished tomorrow or the day after.

 B. More plot has been written up! Also, the third main character has shown up, and is getting a few scenes with Mel by himself.

 C. Completed!

 E. Have tidied kitchen table as much as I can. Everything on it is important stuff my parents need to deal with.

 Progress on my room is yet to be made.

 F. Still need to get around to this.

 G. Made the decision for Mel and Zach to investigate second incident during the day, so no Carl unfortunately.

 I ran out of twiglets today, and am upset, as I love twiglets and need something to munch on.

 On the other hand, though, in good news, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow, so I'll make sure to show you my snazzy new do when I get it.

 Back to plotting and writing for me!

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