Sunday, 28 October 2012

The fourth day to go and a change of plan

So, how am I doing on my seven key areas? Well...

 A. I'm still working on the end of this first chapter, but it's getting very close to being done. It's currently up to 5,742, so it looks like my prediction will be accurate.

 B. Currently up to seven index cards with plot lined out on them. This doesn't include the post-it notes annotating important factors that need to be taken into consideration. It also doesn't include the work already done on chapter two, which adds up to five index cards.

 C. I have gotten the new index cards and super special awesome NaNoWriMo specific pen! Unfortunately, the index cards are not the same size as the ones I already had, so I copied my notes out onto the new ones. I know that sounds unnecessary, but it would have ruined everything if my cards didn't match. I'm just that way about things like this, I need them a certain way.

 I've also abandoned the wall of plot and opted for the book of plot. Which has the advantage of portability. I'm sticking the cards in with masking tape, so they can still be moved around.

It's genius. Genius I tell you!

 D. Still need to codify character traits. Will be dedicating part of tomorrow afternoon to it.

 E. Slowly working on tidying kitchen table and will dedicate part of tomorrow to tidying my room.

 F. Have not yet looked into how to write effective action/fight scenes. Will make sure to do so some time in the next few days.

 G. I have started to make some decisions, such as Josh's attitude towards business people and how Mel and Carl obtain an important phone number.

 I've also decided my snack for NaNoWriMo. Thank the over commercialisation of Christmas, because mini twiglets are on offer! I love me some twiglets.

 I also love Neuro Bliss, so it's likely to turn out to be one of my beverages of NaNoWriMo.

This particular drum won't be for NaNoWriMo, because it won't last until the first.

 There's more snackage to be planned, and my NaNo playlists need to be created, but I think I'm making good headway on that.


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