Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Second bake and character sketches

 Rarity has had her second bake! Woo!

 Now that's done, I can safely stow her away and take a break. I'll probably dismantle newplast rarity to get the plasticine back, since I don't really need her any more.

A photo

 I had planned to scan the character sketches, but by the time they were done, my parents had gone to bed and my printer is in the next room. Of course, the volume of a printer/scanner when you want it to be quiet is second only to Krakatoa, so here's a photo instead!

 I'm a bit out of practice with the old watercolour pencils, so the skin colours are a bit crap. Oh well, practice will sort out that problem!

 Anyway, I'll do three more characters tomorrow and scan the whole sheet in for you guys. I'll also explain who is meant to look like who in that post too.

 See you tomorrow!

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