Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Life and novel updates and My Friend Mary-Sue

 First of all, I passed my second year at university! Woo! Go me! I got a 2:1 over all, so a first isn’t totally out of the question for my degree. Ohh, I’m so proud of myself, I bought a foot file in celebration. (I was going to buy a top, but I needed to buy sunscreen so I couldn’t afford it.)

 Secondly, I have an update about my novel!

 I’ve finished the first draft of the first chapter and am working on the second chapter at the moment. Altogether, though, it’s only a little over 8,000 words long, so I’m going to have to edit it like a BAMF to get it up to scratch.

 I also need to think of a title, currently I’m calling it Silver Crosses as a working title (it’s better than the original working title: ‘Vampire and Werewolf kick crime’s ass’), but I’m not too keen on it. Oh well, no rush, right?

 Thirdly, I am working on a new project!

 At this point that’s not really news, though, is it? I always seem to have a new project on.

 This project is going to be a webcomic, I’m doing this partially in an attempt to practice drawing comics for when I work with my friend Doug on the Epic Fail comic. If you look through my posts you’ll see a bunch of sketches of Epic Fail characters including this character study of Wolfy.

 I’ve had a plan to write something with a story like this for a couple of weeks now, but instead of doing it as a novel I settled on a webcomic because, as mentioned above, I need practice and also because there are things I can do in a comic that I can’t do in a novel. Primarily things relating to the titular character’s appearance, and she perceives herself and others. I can show both of these things far more subtly and, I believe, effectively in a visual format.

 The other thing is, that I was originally planning to write this novel during NaNoWriMo, but I couldn’t do that until next year. This November I am inevitably going to end up with a whole bunch of assessments to hand in, just like I did last year.  So writing and drawing it over a longer period would probably work better.

 So, I’m going to post the developments for the webcomic, like various character designs and things like that. I’ll also update one when I find a site to post it on and any other major developments.

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  1. It's a strange world where your parents have to read your blog to find out that you're doing well at Uni, but I'll let that go. After all you are finally paying tribute to my lifelong, single handed Pram promotion campaign. Perhaps you could get them to sponsor your novel?