Sunday, 12 June 2011

Character study- Wolfy (face)

 So, more sketches and this time all of the same person. This is where I get to show off how awesome I am by comparing the first sketch of Wolfy with this current set.

 Picture on the left is from the 23/5/2011, picture on the right is from 5/6/2011. Just in case you can't read my atrocious handwriting.

 Why the massive difference?

 Well, it's all down to one dreamy, dreamy man: Scott Clifton. Google him, it is totally worth it.

 So, here they are, enjoy! :-)





 Wolfy is, of course, property of my good friend Doug over at Murphy's Lore.

 Also, I'm fully aware that Scott Clifton doesn't have a broken nose.

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