Monday, 20 June 2011

Queen Beryl picture and process.

 I've posted a fanart picture of Queen Beryl from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on deviantArt and wanted to share the process I used on it here.

 I started with a basic sketch of her in 6H pencil, deciding to make her eyes a little more anime-ish because it fits with the style of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon quite well.

Her left hand will look weird for a while.
 After that I went over it and put in the details in a regular mechanical pencil.

At this point I think it looks a bit like an octopus, or  starfish.
  Then there's the inking. Done with a 0.05 tip.
Still looks a bit odd, but nowhere near as bad as before.
  The I used alcohol markers to lay down flat colour and do a bit of shading. I used Promarkers, Copic Markers and Kurecolour markers.
Better, still.
 Then I went in with coloured pencils for shading and also to make Beryl's dress look bluer.
There we go, now she doesn't look like she has a sea creature on her chest.
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