Thursday, 26 May 2011

More sketches - Part One

 I've done a lot of sketches lately, especially lately, so I've had to break this post into two.

 So, on with the sketches.
 This is Errol, he's another one of Doug's characters. I used Hiroki Narimiya as a base for the picture, but it wasn't my intention to make Errol look much like him as Errol is meant to be Scottish.

  This is Wolfy, he's another of Doug's characters (also Scottish) and there's a post about the construction of his character here. I think I loosely based his picture on one of Matt Cohen, but I can't really remember.
  Serena is one of my characters and the queen of the country of Semper and a friend of Jack the immortal mage.

 Her appearance is based on Karishma Kapoor in this picture, only more tanned because Serena is an outdoors kind of person.
 This is Matt the Wolf, based on this picture.
  This is a not great picture of Jason, Wolfy's boyfriend. There's a better picture of him on the constructing character post on Doug's blog  which will be in part two of this sketch collection.

 Jason's appearance was based on this picture of Tom Welling.
 Okay, final picture for this half of my sketch posts. This is Kali, she's a Final Fantasy original character I came up with for Final Fantasy VIII (long story).

 She's based on this picture for her face, I got her hair from a photo I found ages ago and her dress is based on this one I found while looking for white/cream frilly dresses.

 I'll probably do a full body picture of Kali in the near future.

 So, that's the first page of sketches, the second one will be posted later today.

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