Thursday, 26 May 2011

More sketches - Part Two

 Okay, so this is part two of my sketch posts. I did all of these within a 24 hour period to celebrate no longer having exams. Especially as I wasn't allowed to draw wolves the day before my exam as I put so much detail into Matt the wolf that I stayed up until 4.30 am to do it.

 So, onto the sketches.
 This is another attempt at Jason, this time I used this picture. Which was frankly a better one to use as I could see both of his eyes this time. Like last time, I'm going to link you to Doug's character construction post so you can see more information on Jason.

 A howling wolf. Reference was this picture.
  A wolf cub, and yes, I do really like drawing wolves. Reference here.
  This id Cid, she's a character I created for one of Doug's video game projects. I'm not too keen on this sketch, I think she looks a little too old. But I'm doing these mostly for practice, so they don't need to be perfect. I based her on Olivia Wilde in this picture.
  This is Reza (pronounces Ree-za even though that is technically incorrect), he's one of the characters from the game project I made Cid for. I based him on Matt Cohen in this picture. Frankly, I have a lot of the same problems with this sketch as I do with the Cid one, but practice makes perfect.
 Last but not least, this is a sketch of Phoenix Wright or Naruhodo Ryuichi from Gyakuten Saiban. I didn't use photo reference for this, instead basing it on this picture. I wanted to make him look more Japanese, as the game is based on the old Japanese legal system after all. I'm not sure exactly how successful that was.

 Anyway, those are my two sets of sketches that I've done in the last week. I'd appreciate critique as I seek to improve.

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