Friday, 20 May 2011

Having difficulty writing a blog post, so I’m writing a blog post about my play

 I write for two blogs besides this one, the Character Assassination Blog (which I update when the mood takes me) and Special Filming. I’m not in charge of that blog, I’m just on the staff. I’m supposed to write at least one blog post a week, to be posted on Saturdays. I’m trying to do that right now and not having much luck. (EDIT: I don't post there any more)

 What I write are recaps of episodes of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and I watch the videos on YouTube. For some reason, YouTube is not co-operating with me and combined with a mild headache, it’s just not happening.

 So, until I’m feeling a little more up to it, I’m going to update this blog with stuff about the play Kelly inspired.

 I’ve decided on calling the main character Leonard and gave him an older brother named Cameron. The idea here is that Cameron supports Leonard in his decision to leave concert performances because he was under that sort of pressure until an injury ended his sports career.

 Leonard and Cameron have an overbearing mother who pushed them as children and continues to push Leonard now.

 She is part of the reason that Leonard burnt out like he did.

 Unfortunately, Leonard’s parents don’t have names yet, along with all the characters that aren’t Leonard and Cameron.

 Including Leonard’s friend who works in the popular music industry. She’ll help him find work once his decision has been made and is also Cameron’s love interest.

 I’ve also decided one other important thing in the play.

 It’s all going to be set in Leonard’s sitting room.

 This is mostly because I just can’t imagine the play having scenes that need to take place elsewhere. Besides, the story is about Leonard and since he’s recently abandoned fame, it’s not unreasonable for him to barely leave his apartment.

 There is also the fact that there’s a need for a grand, or baby grand, piano to be on stage during the scenes in his sitting room and it’s just more practical to leave it where it is the entire time.

 By the way, I’ve checked and there should be space for a goldfish bowl in a grand piano without requiring that the strings are removes. As long as the actor is careful with putting it in the two or three times he has to, the piano should be totally fine.

 Anyway, that’s pretty much all the updates on my play. It’s been put on the backburner due to the dream project and a Harry Potter fan fiction I started to write to blow off some steam. I’ll post more on that as it develops.

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