Wednesday, 18 May 2011

So, I've been busy sketching

This is a bit late, to be honest. I've been a bit distracted by exams and such, so I didn't get these up as quickly as I would've liked.

I did five sketches over an eight day period earlier this month, and I actually used reference! Go me!

 So, here they are, with the reference noted underneath with a brief description of who these characters are.

 This is an early sketch of Jack, an immortal mage from a videogame project of mine. I based his features on Vukasin Brajic,  a singer from Serbia who I first saw on Eurovision when he represented Bosnia and Herzegovina. I used this picture for the sketch.

 This is Merri, an adventuring historian/archeologist in the same project. She and Jack's primary purposes are to move the plot along. I based her on Liberty Ross in this picture and took her hair from a different one from the same blog.

 She may or may not be Jack's love interest.

 This is Sarah, she's a descendent of Jack's. She's also a member of the mob and an engineer in her dad's airship company. She's based on Yvonne Strahovski in this picture with this hair.

 This is Flynn, he's not one of my characters, he belongs to my friend Doug and is from one of his video game projects. He's a Scottish thief. He's based on Matt Barr with Matt Bomer's hair and a little of Matt the wolf's wolfishness added for good measure.

This is Everett, he's Merri's brother and not quite human. He's based on Danny Schwarz in this picture with Matt Barr's hair.

 Danny Schwarz is very good looking -sage nod-.

 So, that's my sketches, shown in a rather dull post, but there you are.

 If you're interested in more, I post sketches on twitpic when I finish them; so follow me on twitter if you want to see more.

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