Friday, 8 July 2016

I should be writing...

 It's been so long since I wrote a drabble that I've kind of forgotten how to do one.

 Inspiration has been severely lacking, so here I leave my apologies.

 As for right now, i should be rewriting a short story, but I'm so bored and it's so pretentious that I'm doing this as a method of procrastination.

 (Okay, it's not that bad, but looking at old work is always pretty cringe inducing.)

 I've been on a course at a local mental health charity, and one of the goals I've come up with while there has been to finish editing two of my short stories and submit them to literary agents.

 Of course, I would like my tutor to read my short stories, so I've given myself a pretty tight deadline of a week to do this.

 This seemed like a fine idea at the time, and a pretty good one while writing notes on the shorter of the two short stories, but this longer one is a complete pain in the proverbial.

 For starters, it's over twice as long as the first one, and for seconds, it's older and less well written.

 I hate looking at this thing, I swear.

 I'm going to have to accept the distinct possibility that I might not be able to get a final draft worth sending out by next Wednesday, but be happy with the fact that I can at least finish another draft of this story.

 Being a writer is difficult.

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