Thursday, 7 May 2015

Valkyria Chronicles Title Card for Murphy 2.0

 He wanted another one, so here we are.

 I wanted to do something like those strategic map things they used to have.

 You know the ones, where there's a big table and people pushing coloured blocks around on sticks.

 Valkyria Chronicles itself does this as part of the gameplay, which is a very nice touch.

 Honestly, though, I was mostly inspired by the beginning of Dad's Army.

 It was on repeat a lot when I was a child.

 I also decided to use outlines this time for a cleaner look.

Valkyria Chronicles
  I'm not going to lie, I traced the symbols and the map. I didn't have the patience to freehand this stuff.

 I did do Welkin from scratch though, so go me!

 Here's the newest part with the new titlecard:

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