Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I have some 'cool' news

 My fridge is finally fixed!

 This means that I'm going to be able to buy lots of food again and not worried about it going off in a matter of days.

 It's been way more of a stress than you'd think to go from not having to worry about food going off to suddenly having to worry about it.

 Yeah, this is the time when people will go 'hah, first world problems', but it's true of anything. When something goes from not being a concern to being one it's always a stress, regardless of how minor it may seem when it's not a concern.

 What also makes it worse is that we don't know how to look after food. Yeah, that sounds pathetic, but for the most part, I don't think most people know how to look after food aside from sticking it in a fridge.

 Fridges really are a life saver.

 There's also one extra good thing about this.

 Since my fridge is no longer making tonnes of 'hey, something's wrong with me!' noises, I can actually start recording let's plays again.


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