Sunday, 1 March 2015

Countdown to Vienna: Ireland Has Chosen

 Ah, Ireland.

 I was gong to have this week's post be about self sabotage, but the Eurosong 2015 winner was chosen on Friday, so it's time to announce on this blog who is the entry for on of our 'ones to watch' countries.

 I would kindly ask you to imagine a drumroll as I tell you that the winner this year is... Molly Sterling!

 I think they may actually be trying to win this year.

 (I called it on the 'sad woman behind a piano' thing.)

 Yeah, this won't do terribly, which shows that there is some desire to win, or at least do well, among the people of Ireland.

 If not in RTE.

 At least according to Johnny Logan.

 This year Eurosong was done on the Late Late Show, which Mr Logan considers to be an attempt at self-sabotage.

 We'll talk more about this in the dedicated self-sabotage post next week!

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