Monday, 2 March 2015

A Drabble From a Rabble - Twenty Seven

 This is one of the first few drabbles I wrote, but I hated it so I didn't make a post about it.

 I've given it an edit and now I feel as though it's presentable.

 The theme is denial.


 “I killed my wife.
  I didn’t do it with one of those manly, violent methods. No, I poisoned her.
  She didn’t eat or drink anything. It was subtle, something no autopsy could find.
  I poisoned her mind, I littered her with compliments to build up her self esteem before I destroyed it, killing her.”
 The doctor looked at Robert Jenkins over her glasses, she was alarmed by the glee with which he confessed to causing a woman’s suicide, but was more concerned by the fact he’d never been married.
  He just smiled at her affectionately, “but we’ll be different, darling.”

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