Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Journey to Groudon

 I've been spending most of today, and spent most of yesterday, training a Shroomish into a Breloom so that I can catch Groudon.

 Why am I using a Grass type pokemon to catch a Ground/Fire Primal Reversion?

 Because it's got Rest.

 So in order to be able to catch it, I need to stop it from using Rest. There are likely more efficient methods of doing this, but using Worry Seed to make Groudon have Insomnia and therefore stop it from routinely healing all of its HP is the one I came up with.

 My Breloom is named Shrue and she's currently level 54. Unfortunately, I'm not done training her yet because I need her to have a Speed stat of at least 150 before I can consider pitting her against a pokemon that could easily kill her in one hit. I've already maxed out her EVs on her Speed stat to assist in this endeavour, so it's just a case of levelling her up high enough.

 I'm also grow an Occa berry to help prevent her getting OHKOed if Groudon does manage to get a hit in.

 This isn't the most thrilling secton of the game, I have to admit.

 I'm in this awkward position because Groudon has a high defence and insists on using Rest. For someone who doesn't want to use a Master Ball on it, I'm not left with an easy battle to face.

 In fact, from how hard this fight is, I'd wager that tey designed it specifically to try and force you to use your Master Ball. Which is fair enough, just incredibly frustrating on a personal basis.

 On a lighter note, I can't take Groudon seriously. Its arms are just so short in comparison to its body and when it spreads them out to the side, I can't help but think of Fred Bonaparte from Psychonauts.

It's probably playing up because of the genetic memory of Napoleon
 Especially when Groudon roars. It just looks comically cute.

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