Wednesday, 31 December 2014

An Elite Delta Episode

 ORAS May/Brendan is definitely among the two most accomplished Pokemon trainers of all time.

 They just about pull ahead of Ethan/Lyra.

 Being Pokemon champion twice is very impressive, but I think that saving the world twice over is more impressive.

 I've beaten the Elite Four and Delta episode now, and I really enjoyed them both.

 I loved how the Elite Four members had chairs, which is a small but nice touch, and I absolutely adored the corridors to each member. These transitions were absolutely gorgeous.

 Especially the one on the way to Phoebe, she's always been one of my favourite Elite Four members, but the corridor to her room was just breathtakingly beautiful.

 By this point, I was so horrendously overleveled that there were about three pokemon that gave me any trouble at all throughout the entire Elite Four. One of those being Steven's Mega Metagross, which still went down in one hit.

 Post my victory, I was surprised to see that they'd put in hints of romance between Brendan and May.

 I'm surprisingly okay with this!

 It's actually a well built romance between teenagers and it never shoves it down the player's throats.

 If only Final Fantasy VIII was this subtle...

 The Delta Episode was a little rushed, but still well put together. Zinnia is a compelling character with some tragedy of her own, and the implications of the episode are very interesting.

 I shan't say any more about it, in case I spoil it for you guys, but I'm glad that it's in the game.

 I especially like how Norman actually interacts with the player's mum, it's very real.

 So, time for the Legendary breakdown.

 I managed to catch Terrakion, as I planned, as well as the legendaries in the Delta Episode. Additionally, I got super lucky and the Crescent Island appeared and I caught Cresselia, so I'm in a pretty good mood.

 I'm going to attempt to get Ho-Oh at some point soon, along with the legendary beasts and Giratina after Doug's caught Dialga.

 I'm pretty keen to fill up my Pokedex this time around.

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