Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Man, I'm tired

 I'm so tired lately.

 It's partially to be expected, since I slept through the weekend, but I've had a pretty good sleep pattern these past two days.

 I'm probably super tired right now because I went to the gym earlier. Yay for physical fitness, but boo for being sleepy afterwards. I guess the whole 'you feel more energetic when you're active!' thing takes a little bit to kick in.

 In other news I'm going to be more organised. I've been resting on my laurels pretty badly lately, so I'm working on a new time table for myself.

 I'm not changing the posting schedule, in case you're worried, I mean a time table as in a school time table. So I can get stuff done.

 It's a pretty new endeavour, so it's probably going to take a little time to get used to, so wish me luck and give me encouragement, guys >.<

 I do have the next FF8 post mostly done, so you can expect that on Thursday!

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