Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Drabble From a Rabble - Twelve

 Keeping with the theme of fear, here's another drabble.

From One Monster To Another

 Dear Mr Skinless Behemoth,

                           I understand that you’re very angry about something, and I’d like to help!

 If it’s vengeance you want, I’m sure that we can track down who is responsible together.

 You can even kill them as brutally as you want!

 I don’t mind. Gut them, decapitate them, eat their livers or even skin them! (If you don’t mind me speculating, I imagine that’s what you’d prefer to do.)

 Do whatever you like!

 I’ll even hold them down or tie them up for you!

 I’d be glad to help

 Just… don’t kill me.


 Yours sincerely,

 Geoffrey Tate

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