Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Oh My God, I love Animal Crossing!

 More specifically, Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

 That's the one.

 I've liked the Animal Crossing games for a while now. I had the first one on the GameCube, and Wild World on the DS.

 The real problem with the games as far as I'm concerned is that you do get bored of them. Which is the problem with all video games, really.

 The great thing about these games is that if you start a new save file, it isn't the same as the last time you played.

 Animal Crossing has you as a lone human moving into a town populated by talking animals.

 You start off finding a place to live by taking a loan out from Tom Nook; half-raccoon, half-loan shark.

 You do end up paying back a ridiculously large amount of money in order to get the largest house available.

 Usually, this starts off with you taking a part time job at Nook's Cranny, Tom Nook's punny shop. It mostly involves doing deliveries and planting things.

Villagers will give you tasks too, like Annalisa asking me to deliver something to the blue alligator on screen
 However, in ACNL, you don't do this. You get straight to the main financial aspect of the game. Collecting things and selling them.

 The game is basically a collectathon with an important social aspect and the ability to customise a reasonably large area.

 So, why don't you take the part time job?

 Because you're the mayor!

 Which means you have even more stuff to customise as you can commission public works projects that can add things to your town.

Like this cut out standee.
 This is on top of the ability to change your clothes, hair and house, as well as plant flowers and trees and place down designs for paving in your town.

 You also have a museum that you can fill with bugs, fish, fossils and art.

 Now, I said that the game is different every time you play it. This is because different towns have different layouts and different villagers and more villagers will move in as you play.

This is what it looks like the day before they do.
 This plot belongs to Charlise, a green bear who I had in my last save file.

 She's a green bear and she always moves in right next to me.

 Is this a joke, Nook?

 You noted that I liked quiet solitude when I picked this empty part of town, so why have you moved all three of the new people in near me?!

 I let Iggly slide, because he was cute, and Eugene was okay because he was really cool, but Charlise is not awesome enough to justify her moving right in front of my house.


 Anyway, villagers can and do move out. So I plan to ignore Charlise until she leaves and my path to the zen garden I built at the behest of Roscoe clear once again.

 One of the more interesting aspects to the game is that you can share a 'dream' version of your town with other players using the Dream Suite. It's basically a copy of your town that other people can't permanently affect but can run around in and meet all of your villagers.

 It's pretty cool.

 I haven't unlocked the Dram Suite yet, but when I do, I'll post my dream address up so that those of you who own ACNL can come have a nose around.

 Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some pixel art to create to make my town worthy of visiting.

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