Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Nine Over Five Presents... Syphilis

 Lately I've been reading a lot of A Rebours.

 I do not recommend it.

 The reason I started reading it in the first place is because I'd been rereading A Picture of Dorian Grey. There is a book in there that reportedly helped corrupt Dorian.

 A Rebours  is that book.

 No, no.

 I know what you're thinking.

 "Well, if I read A Rebours, then I'll get more insight into the character development of Dorian Grey!"

 No, no you won't.

 Look. A Rebours was basically Oscar Wilde's favourite book- this is not a recommendation! It's terrible!

 If Fifty Shades of Grey was George R.R. Martin's favourite book, it would still be unreadable dross.

 When I say it's unreadable, it really is. I was promised hedonism and debauchery and all I've got so far is some interior decoration and the main character's book collection.

 Well, and one other thing.

 He had some kind of fever dream, and in it dreamt of a personification of Syphilis which was actually quite interesting.

 Based on that, I did a doodle of Syphilis with copic markers and pencil crayons. It was kind of fun.

Protip: Don't have sex with her.
 I'm really not kidding when I say that this section of the book is the most interesting thing in there, followed only by the objectification of black women and the negligent homicide of a tortoise. And both of those things were incredibly dull to read.

 My suspicion is that the section with Syphilis is the most interesting solely because it's the only part of the book that involves a plot, and because it's actually not that bad of a representation of dreaming. It's got random things showing up, the nature of the dream changing drastically and the main character feeling as though it's perfectly plausible while having the dream itself.

 It's really not that bad.

 It's not worth reading through the rest of the book to get to.

 Don't read this book.


 No, I mean it.

 Once I finish it, I will be writing a review of it on Fission Mailure, and probably reposting it here sometime after that, so you'll learn everything you need to know about it from that.

 I've finally gotten to the part that involves sex, and it's just as dull as the rest of it so far.

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  1. So it's no 50 shades of (Dorian) Grey then?