Sunday, 15 June 2014

Let's Talk About... Nintendo at E3 2014

Kind of a big deal.
 I'm pretty blown away by Nintendo's offering at E3 this year. We got a new trailer for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (although we're going to have to have a chat about that soon) and the first look at Zelda Wii U.

 I'm super excited.

 Unfortunately though, we're not really smothered in information about these two, so I'm going to concentrate on some of the other stuff that was unveiled.


 I don't really like shooters. First person, over the shoulder, third person, doesn't matter, just not my bag.

 But seeing the trailer and hearing about the gameplay of Splatoon has genuinely made me wonder whether my distaste for shooters is entirely down to the fact that so many of them are military shooters.

 Because Splatoon looks crazy fun. It looks like the kind of thing I would happily play for hours, with the interesting concept, bright colours and adorable character design. It kind of reminds me of Octodad, because of the cephalopod angle, and that can only be a good thing.

 I'm definitely interested in this, and I think I might get it if it's greatly expanded, and/or relatively cheap.

 Interest Level: Piqued

Bayonetta 2

 Doug from Fission Mailure and I played the first Bayonetta game together and really enjoyed it, despite its flaws (mostly the lack of proper in game cutscenes), so we're both looking at Bayonetta 2 with envious eyes.

 Especially the edition with a bonus Bayonetta game where she can dress up as various Nintendo characters. I watched that part of the trailer with a mildly horrified expression, but the moment it stopped I said 'I need it'.

 My relationship with this kind of thing is complicated.

 Interest Level: Keen

Yoshi's Wooly World


 I need it.

 Interest level: -almost inaudible squealing-

Devil's Third

 When I started watching the trailer for this, I was actually pretty interested. But then the protagonist started playing on the drums and there was a lot of shooting guns going on.

 Then the sexy old flame turned up and took off her clothes and I completely changed my mind.

 It's probably going for a Duke Nukem kind of thing, but since even Duke Nukem doesn't seem able to manage that well any more, I'm not holding out hopes for this.

 Interest Level: Not in a month of Sundays

Theatrythym: Final Fantasy - Curtain Call

 I'm only bringing this up because it's a Final Fantasy game.

 Interest Level: Aggressively don't care.

Hyrule Warriors

 Yes, yes, yes, yes.

 This looks so good and so fun.

 Playing as Impa and Midna will be so cool, and playing as Ganondorf will be an interesting experience too. (secret desire to knit him a scarf)

 I'm pretty psyched.

 Interest Level: Will probably buy

Mario Maker (Working Title)

 I do like this kind of 'make your own levels' type of thing, and considering the UI on the Wii U, this may be one of the best you'll see on a console.

 If it's cheap and I've got money, I may give it a go.

 Interest Level: Piqued

 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

 Let me begin by saying that I hate Toad's voice.

 But I do like the look of the game, I've always been interested in perspective based gameplay, and I really like the sound of the gyroscopic first person view on the game pad.

 It does look kind of kiddie, but I'm going to buy Yoshi's Wooly World, so that's not so much of a criticism as it is just an observation.

 Interest Level: Piqued

 (As a side note, I'm really liking all these Mario games based around other characters from the series. Hopefully we'll get a new and better Peach game soon.)

Fossil Fighters Frontier

 I swear I saw this exact idea in an anime once, but never mind that.

 It's got two of my favourite things in it, dinosaurs and monster battles. Ten year old me would have eaten this up like a bowl of my mum's trifle.

 Interest Level: Piqued

Sonic Boom

 I've heard virtually nothing good about this.

 So it looks like another terrible Sonic game. The poor guy.

 Interest Level: Pity

Chromophore: The Two Brothers Director's Cut

 This is a Kickstarted indie game that's been given a revamp for the next gen consoles, and the trailer for it on the Nintendo E3 page has definitely caught my interest.

 It's got a very Wizard of Oz/Corpse Bride approach, where the ordinary world is drab and monochrome, and the world of the dead is bright and colourful.

 I quite like the idea of games that have contrasting 'real worlds' and 'fantasy worlds', so I'm pretty intrigued by this.

 Interest level: Intrigued


 I am going to play the hell out of this game with Doug.

 It's a game about narwhals flopping about in space and trying to poke each other with their horns. Need I say more?

 Interest Level: 10/10 will buy

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