Monday, 16 June 2014

Kimchi Fried Beans

  So, I finally got my hands on some more kimchi, so it's finally time to give you the recipe for one of my favourite meals.

 It's quick, easy, pretty damn healthy and super delicious.

 It contains at least two of your five a day, and since kimchi is a fermented food it has extra health benefits.

 Here is what you'll need:

 Serves one.
  • Cannelini beans- half a 400 gram can
  • Mat kimchi- this is down to personal preference
  • Spinach- a couple of handfuls
  • Spring onions- two or three decently thick stalks chopped
  • Sesame oil for frying
 Now, you can use another kind of oil if you want, I just love the way sesame oil smells when I cook with it, and it does impart a good amount of flavour.

 Also, if you have an extractor fan, turn it on.

 First things first, heat the beans.

 Empty half of the can in there and heat it through. Once hot, drain.

 Now, turn on the big scary hob.

Disclaimer: Yours does not need to look
like the fires of Hell. In fact, it's better if it doesn't.
 Heat up a large frying pan and pour in a small amount of oil. You really don't need much, about a teaspoon should do it, if not less.

 Chuck the beans into the pan until they look something like this:

 Then shimmy them off to the sides and dump the spring onion in the middle and cook that for a couple of seconds until little bits of it start to get brown from the heat.

 After this, it's time for our star ingredient; kimchi.

 Dig a couple of pieces and chuck them into the pan. You can put in as much as you want, but you want to get a decent amount in there so you can have kimchi deliciousness in a good number of mouthfuls.

This is a good amount
 Stir that around a bit and pour some of the juice onto the beans and stir. You don't need much, a teaspoon or so, maybe. I just guess, and I'm not sure it even adds up to a teaspoon.

 Once you've got the beans cover, dump in the spinach and turn off the heat. Use the residual heat in the pan to wilt the spinach down, and be careful when stirring as the spinach can and will go everywhere.

 When the spinach is wilted to taste, put onto a plate and serve next to a glass of mango Aloe Vera King.

 It's pretty easy to double up with this recipe, but you'll be wanting a bigger pan.

 If you've got access to mat kimchi, you should definitely think about giving this a go.

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